My first Celebrity-related blog

I’m a big Transformers fan. Since childhood I’ve been drooling to own an army of Autobots. Their appearance in the “cartoon” series are way different than that of the Michael Bay’s film (don’t get me wrong, this is not a movie review).Then came new character faces. Sam Witwicky as portrayed by Shia Labeouf. He really got me curious on why he disappeared on the 4th Transformer sequence. And so here goes my first celebrity-related blog. This was published last July. It may be outdated but you might still want to know something about Shia if you’re a fan. Plus I’m impressed how the infographics team vectorized this image so I want to share it here as well.

shia transformers

News about Shia Labeouf has been spreading lately and every reports pertaining to him does not enhance his integrity as a public figure. This is for the reason that he is undergoing alcohol addiction problem and this may have ruined his image as an actor. Shia is a former Hollywood star made famous by the film Transformers. He appeared on all three Transformers series where all of which has had a great commercial success, in other words, blockbuster. Rumors say his problem with liquors is one of the culprits for him not being included on the 4th sequence of the said blockbuster movie. While other news insists that his trouble with alcoholic beverages is an after effect of him not being selected on the new film, hence depression caught up.  Whatever stories about him are out there, one thing is certain, he is struggling with alcohol problem. On other news, Mr. Labeouf also made headlines due to his behavior in a Broadway theater. He allegedly yelled at the actors on stage during a performance and got arrested by the police. Obviously it was because he was under the influence of an intoxicating beverage. Getting drunk prompted him to make a rough behavior, a misdemeanor.

In the first week of July of the current year, Shia Labeouf made a significant step towards recovery. He was seen at an alcoholic recovery center in California. However, his action should not be mistakenly taken as if he is checking into a rehabilitation facility but he is rather “voluntarily” receiving treatment for alcohol addiction according to his spokesperson. With such action coming from someone who has drinking issues make us believe that Shia is actively considering treatment through the help of a rehab center and seriously planning to move on. He has already taken peak of fame at this stage of his life, hence people from many countries around the world already recognize him and he probably still have a lot of fans and supporters. So the probability of influencing a large group of his followers with the same issue to also take the similar approach for treatment is likable.  Taking small yet significant actions towards recovery is as positive as saying a rose bud will soon bloom and a new life form will freshly start anew.

Making a bold move like seeking advice from an alcoholic recovery center is the best choice a booze abuser could ever make. Not only will it provide remedies to his alcohol problem but it will also rejuvenate his personal condition holistically. That’s what centers for recovery could offer.


One of my first humble works

This article about Alcoholism is one of my first humble works in the field of Journalism. I decided to publish this here on my official site for the reason that it’s one of those online works that garnered a lot of positive feed backs. I’m sharing this here with the hopes that it could transcend values to all the new readers the same way it had been a good educational tool to my followers. So read on.

effects of alcoholism

Alcoholism is when the body becomes physically dependent to alcohol.  An individual who suffers from alcoholism becomes obsessed and loses control over the amount of alcohol he consumes. This could be a long term problem and many people struggle from quitting. Since drinking is so common, it’s not always easy to determine if someone crosses the line between what is social drinking and problem drinking.

What Causes Alcoholism?

Alcohol dependency is a process that develops gradually. It can take from a few years to several decades until it interferes with the daily life of a heavy drinker. Eventually with regular consumption, it disrupts the balance in the brain that causes the urge to drink daily. Some of the factors linked to excessive drinking are genes, stress, peer drinking, depression and how the body metabolizes alcohol. In the long run, excessive drinking can alter the brain chemicals making a person’s body crave alcohol to feel good.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

If someone always feel the need to drink alcohol and it becomes the center activity of his life, then he is definitely abusing the consumption of alcohol. Despite the health issues related to overly consuming alcohol, still he chooses to drink.  Some of the warning signs of alcoholism are: poor eating habits, hiding alcohol from family and friends, depression, and drinking more than usual.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism damages one’s emotional solidity, destroys relationship, affects career or job, and finances. It can also cause some serious health complications, affecting the brain and other organs on the body. The most common illnesses are liver disease, cirrhosis, high blood pressure, stomach problems and heart failure. Alcohol is a depressant, so heavy consumption not only affects our health but it can also affect us mentally. Alcohol alters brain chemistry and it can disrupt the balance between our thoughts, actions, feelings, and in the long run our mental health. Alcoholism is always linked to suicide, self-harm, and aggressive behavior.

Getting Help

Accepting that you may have a problem and that seeking help is necessary is often the first step to cutting back on excessively consuming alcohol. Some people deny that they have an alcohol addiction problem and deceive themselves that they don’t need to seek help.

If an individual is having a hard time quitting then it is better to seek professional help from the experts. Many effective options are available at alcohol treatment centers or rehab programs. Individuals are helped by counselling experts, nurses, doctors and psychiatrist.

Treating alcoholism is not an overnight process. It is a gradual process that requires determination and commitment.